Colouring Mindfulness and Affirmations


Hello Dear Reader,

We've been talking about the power of mindfulness and affirmations lately. Mindfulness, of course being the practice of paying attention (more or less! it's a state of being consciously aware.) and affirmations — a tool to create positive change in our perspectives and in our lives. The idea is that the more we repeat an affirmation, and really create a belief that the statement is true, the more that it comes to be realised in our lives.

We love this quote by Amit Ray,

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

This is the idea behind being mindful and so we have put the 2 together with a collection of colouring affirmations pages. We hope that as you pause and take the time to colour each page, you will also spend that time meditating on the affirmation. We hope this brings you some calm, clarity and happiness.

As you finish colouring in your pages please share a photo with us at our usual online places :-)


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With love from all of us at The Mother magazine

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